Wednesday, July 9, 2008


sandcastle, originally uploaded by AmyEmilia.

My nephew and I built this sandscastle while we were vacationing on the Island (South Padre that is). I am a particular fan of drip castles and this is easily the biggest one I've ever done. We had a fine time!

Sandcastle building is a meditative endeavor - the sand running through your fingers, the waves rushing up and down the beach, kids laughing, the sun creating sparkles of light on the wettest parts of the castle. Sometimes a big wave comes in and part of the building collapses. When you leave, the building stays but for a few hours at the most. But I can always visit the drip-towers in my memory, looking out to sea.


AGuerra said...

When I read your description of building a sandcastle, I thought of the meditative sand mandalas that some Buddhist monks build and that last only a short time after they are made. Metaphors for most of life's activity that hopefully can be fully lived in the moment since the moments, and whole lifespans for that matter, last only "a few hours at the most."

Italy expat said...

what you up to now Amy. nicola has been in brussels, I've been working working a book to finish.
Loved your cloud picture it's beautiful, Visit me on the wine blog
oh and I did the same quiz on the italy blog, go see my answers.
Ill let you know the plans when I have them. Donna


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