Sunday, March 29, 2009

projects in progress

A few things in progress today:
  • finished up stage 2 of the limoncino project. Stage 2 involves straining out the lemon peel and adding sugar syrup.
  • planting out the milkweed plant and cosmos flowers bought yesterday
  • installing the trellises that I bought yesterday for my pole beans
  • researching the next "big" trip - the Trans-Siberian Railway... ordered a book, read online for a couple hours...
  • booked the car (Nova Car Hire is highly recommended) for DH's trip to Italy in May
  • made waffles for breakfast!
  • finished up the taxes. Will re-do to see if I can eliminate the $2,000 we have to pay.

All in all, a busy productive day.


Cherrye Moore said...

Oooh, how did your limoncello turn out? Is it finished? I wanted to make some with our lemons this year. Better get on it!

BTW, if you haven't heard, My Bella Vita has a new domain name. The new domain is


AmyEmilia said...

Hi Cherrye! Thanks for letting me know about the new domain name - will update my list.

The first batch of limoncello still has about 30 days more to mellow before I give it a try. The second batch probably has another 3 months to go! I'll post an update when we do a taste test.


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