Wednesday, August 19, 2009

my dad

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I love this photo of my dad. It embodies so many memories. I am thinking of him this evening, because in searching for something else, I ran across a list that we made together at the kitchen table, in September 2004. Somehow the conversation came around to the various jobs that his father, my Grandpap, had done during his life. Grandpap died when I was about 6, but I remember a tall man with huge hands, who seemed a bit grim. Photographs show broad shoulders, large features, strong-looking. He died young, in his early 70's I think, in about 1961. Here is list of the jobs that his father had, in the order that his son remembered them:

  • farmer (this would be in rural Pennsylvania, in a narrow valley near Tussey Mountain)
  • road builder
  • coal miner at age 12, in Elizabeth
  • carpenter at the power plant in Saxton
  • timber hauler
  • tunnel and bridge builder
  • led a rigging gang in a steel mill in Monassan (not sure I got that right, sometimes my writing is hard to read!)
  • coke screener in Johnstown
  • railroad bridges
  • constable
  • treasurer of the school board, Hopewell Township
  • state inspector for highway construction on Highway 70, from about Town Hill to Breezewood

I also know that Grandpap was a devout Democrat - one time we found the precinct lists. He was away from home a lot, which left my Grandma to raise her five sons mostly on her own. The farm provided most of the food they needed, but cash was needed too. Grandpap's jobs brought in enough! Interesting how many of them are in the construction/engineering area.

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Unknown said...

Funny how things are suddenly "found". I'm sure your grandfather is smiling that he is "remembered" today.


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