Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vacation is coming!

We are getting ready to go on vacation:  a 15 day cruise from San Diego to Miami, through the Panama Canal.  Looking forward to it... hoping to get some posts in on the way.  For now, we are packing and getting things organized. 

We have found a sitter for our beloved Mo. This was probably the biggest hurdle since we didn't want to board her.  Our friend Ev had graciously promised to watch her at their house, but she does already have two cats who own the house and she would be defending Mo constantly. 

Adding a new layer of adventure, we plan to take the bus from the Downtown Transit Center to the airport instead of parking there.  This saves about $90 in parking fees.  The bus runs non-stop from downtown to Terminal C  and costs only $1.50 each way!  We will leave the car at my office and take a taxi from the nearby Renaissance Hotel to the transit center.  I will check it out tomorrow but believe that the taxi will be about $10. 

I am looking forward to getting on the "road" and seeing new things. 

More to come!

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