Friday, March 11, 2011

Emerald Princess day 4, St. Thomas

We arrived early this morning, with a brisk breeze in our faces. Amazing to see how this big ship tucked itself right into the pier. Walked around town a bit - saw the old Danish fort, stopped in to see the Governor but unfortunately he was not available.

This afternoon we leave for Rouseau, Dominica. There we are taking a rain forest canopy tour in a kind of gondola you would normally see in a ski resort. The tour notes say that insect repellant is ESSENTIAL!

There are several Italians on board including the head waiter in the main dining room. He called the room yesterday to inquire after us since we had not showed up yet for any if the meals. We are supposed to go meet him tonight.

Hopefully I can post again tomorrow.

This photo was taken using Pro HDR for the iPhone.

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