Friday, April 29, 2011

a special day

Today was an extra-special day - and not because of the royal wedding.  Today I was privileged to hold a hummingbird in my hand!  We were watching tv (yes, it was a program about William and Kate's big day) when suddenly there was a THUNK at the sliding glass doors. Mo was instantly interested, and when I went to find out why, I found there was a stunned hummingbird lying in a tiny heap on the deck. I went outside and carefully picked him up, trying to see if he really was alive. 

Soon enough I saw that he was breathing and shaking his shining head back and forth unsteadily.  We hoped that if we gave him some sugar water he might revive.  I quickly sprinkled some sugar into a small bowl, put a bit of water on it and stirred.  Dipping my fingertip into the sweetened water, I hoped that the drop clinging to it would appeal to this little guy.   For a few minutes it didn't look too promising - he just kept shaking his head and refusing to drink.  Eventually though his tiny little tongue began flickering and he drank quite a bit! 
Mo came around to investigate and he began to struggle.  So I took him outside, opened my hand, and he made a bee-line for the trees.  What a privilege to hold such a quicksilver creature!  I am grateful for the gift, and that he recovered. 

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