Monday, July 11, 2011

desert elephant - namibia 2002

desert elephant - namibia 2002, originally uploaded by AmyEmilia.

On an all-day game drive in the Skeleton Coast Park, Namibia...  we saw quite a few elephants in a sandy river bottom.  There was a family group of about 6-7 individuals, but most of them kept farther away. We were so close, could hear the elephant crunching the grass.  Spent at least 15 minutes (although it felt MUCH longer) parked about 50 feet away from him.  Eventually he became a bit agitated and did a little mock-charge but our guide assured us that we were fine...  and of course we were. Seeing the famous desert elephants of the Namib desert was one of my life's ambitions.  The game drive had lots of other moments (giraffe, eagle, gemsbok, jackals, impala) but this was easily the most remarkable. 


Fritz said...

Nice Shot!

love it!

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