Friday, April 29, 2011

a special day

Today was an extra-special day - and not because of the royal wedding.  Today I was privileged to hold a hummingbird in my hand!  We were watching tv (yes, it was a program about William and Kate's big day) when suddenly there was a THUNK at the sliding glass doors. Mo was instantly interested, and when I went to find out why, I found there was a stunned hummingbird lying in a tiny heap on the deck. I went outside and carefully picked him up, trying to see if he really was alive. 

Soon enough I saw that he was breathing and shaking his shining head back and forth unsteadily.  We hoped that if we gave him some sugar water he might revive.  I quickly sprinkled some sugar into a small bowl, put a bit of water on it and stirred.  Dipping my fingertip into the sweetened water, I hoped that the drop clinging to it would appeal to this little guy.   For a few minutes it didn't look too promising - he just kept shaking his head and refusing to drink.  Eventually though his tiny little tongue began flickering and he drank quite a bit! 
Mo came around to investigate and he began to struggle.  So I took him outside, opened my hand, and he made a bee-line for the trees.  What a privilege to hold such a quicksilver creature!  I am grateful for the gift, and that he recovered. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wildly sold in Italy...

So I bought this Colomba (Easter bread) at Central Market in Houston, and didn't read the tag until I got it home.  They should do a little spell checking before they print out the tag!  :)  The bread itself is just *okay*, the judgement here is that it may be a bit stale.  Too bad because I was hoping for something really special.  I guess I will just have to make it myself next year! 
We are spending Easter at the beach house.  Not completely true - I'm flying to LA for a couple days, leaving tonight.  But fortunately I'm coming back here!  The island is really packed with tourists coming in from all over Texas and Mexico.  We even saw a license plate from Mexico City... a LONG drive to South Padre Island. 
Happy Easter to all! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

gardenia (hipstamatic)

gardenia (hipstamatic), originally uploaded by AmyEmilia.
This little gardenia has finally bloomed!  We bought at MarchMart two years ago, and it struggled through last year.  Now we have four blooms, four buds, and the leaves look healthy.  Gardenias are notorious for being finicky, so I can only hope that this one has found its feet. 

I used the Hipstamatic app (iPhone) to take this shot. Even the most mundane shot becomes poetic!

Monday, April 4, 2011

spring garden 2011

spring garden 2011, originally uploaded by AmyEmilia.

Via Flickr:
Houston in the spring is an interesting mixture. Iris and roses in bloom. Sunflowers reaching for the sky. Hamaelia and hibiscus recovering from the hard freezes of winter 2010. Peach blossoms have come and gone, and there are more than 40 tiny small peaches beginning to form. Likewise, two lemons and 4 satsuma oranges are starting to swell. The pineapple guava trees are in tight bud, with the promise of white sweet petals and stamens bursting like fireworks. The coreopsis have already ventured two flowers, and there are dozens of buds coming. The small curling tendrils of the white pea vine are venturing forth.

Here and there, all over the garden, there are small basil plants beginning to put out their spicy leaves. Our bay "tree" survived the harsh winter and has put on a brave new branch. One Italian parsley plant has been installed in its own special pot. Oregano and thyme also made it through the winter, and the thyme is putting out the most exquisite white flowers.

The much beloved rangoon vine didn't survive, so we have replaced it with a climbing Don Juan rose on the left side of the arbor, and a sweet Asian jasmine on the right.

Ever hopeful, we have planted 4 tomato plants and two gypsy peppers. Maybe this year we will actually get a few before the squirrels do.


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