Saturday, March 21, 2020

At home, day 11

Today is day 11 of being at home.  My work-from-home setup is fairly solid.  I like being able to see the garden, and open the window if the weather isn’t too hot, cold, or humid.  We have lots of bird feeders so there is almost always activity in the yard.  I’ve been enjoying the garden a lot.  The bees have been very active on the tropical sage flowers. They overwintered well and came out early.  (Our winter wasn’t very pronounced this year.)
Tropical sage in full bloom

Work-from-home setup

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Old school friends

We were so young!  This is me (in the middle) and Peanut Polley, and Nancy Miller.  As I recall, this was in 1976 and the Meyers family was relocating from Hawaii to Laurel, Maryland.  We stopped in Yakima to stay overnight with the Polleys.  I’ve know Peanut since I was about 11 or so. Her family were missionaries at IPE, a mission station not too far from IME, Kimpese.  We went to school together in Kinshasa at TASOK.  That is where I met Nancy Miller, another missionary kid. She went on to work in Malawi at an orphanage, and has lots of kids herself.  Peanut is a nurse in Washington, and I ended up in Houston.


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