Sunday, June 22, 2008


I'm back from a quick trip to California for work. This trip reminded me again of how much fun it is to fly. Don't get me wrong - the process of actually getting on the plane is awful and getting worse. But it can be made bearable by checking in online, packing light and smart, and carrying on.

The thrill of taking off has never diminished for me. I love it! The power of the jets, being pressed back into the seat, leaping up into the air. Clouds are beautiful, and look so different at eye-level. What impresses me every time is how dynamic they are - growing, flowing, bubbling like boiling water. What would it feel like to be inside these clouds? I've flown through lots of them, but always in an airplane! :)

Another thing that always amazes me when I fly is how BIG this country is, and how beautiful it is. There is nothing like a bird's eye view to remind us of the glory of the earth.


Anonymous said...

I love these photographs. Funny that although I fly often, it has never occurred to me to take photos while in flight. Of course I usually let/make my son take the window seat so he can sleep and I have him trapped in a corner!

AmyEmilia said...

Thanks for stopping by! Your photos are so beautiful, I'm sure you will have some great ones once you kick your son out of that window seat!

Desi said...

Hi, I saw your pic @ Flickr about the landscape from your sister-in-law's balcony and I found your nice blog.
You know, I'm going to move near Alessandria too =)
I'd like to stay in touch, greetings (from Bologna for now), ciao,



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