Sunday, June 15, 2008

My dad and I

Wayne and Amy 1956, originally uploaded by AmyEmilia.

We both look so young! Dad was still in medical school, and I was maybe 6 months old? Not sure. My mom took the picture. She told me that at one time, they had $0.13 in the bank. But they never skimped on photos - there are quite a few that have survived the years so I suppose there were even more.

My dad... well... what can anyone really say about their dad?

Mine is

  • Special, of course!
  • Dedicated, hard-working, smart, tells a great story, kind, funny, quietly courageous, and humble.
  • Known world-wide for his scientific endeavors (although you wouldn't hear it from him).
  • Speaks French fluently, and I'm sure his Kikongo, Swahili, Lingala, and German would brush right up with some use.
  • Even in his retirement he still works to better the lives of those suffering from tropical diseases.
  • Together with my mom, he has raised 4 kids who all managed to succeed in their various ways.

I feel so lucky to be their daughter. Thanks Dad and Mom!


Italy expat said...

really sweet picture, your posts are always interesting, keep writing

Italy expat said...

Hi Amy worked out why you have that b5link on my link here. I was logged in to write there. remove my site link and then put it back on. Ciao D.


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