Friday, September 12, 2008

cloud bands

clouds bands, originally uploaded by AmyEmilia.

The clouds bands of Ike, spinning overhead and lit by the setting sun.

The sunset was awesome - filling me with awe. We went for a quick drive down Westheimer, to see the town. My husband was hoping the movie theatre was open, but (as I hoped) it was not. So we made do with the powerful colors of the sunset and the dramatically moaning wind.

The town is pretty quiet, with some traffic but almost nothing open. A very few gas stations were open as we went out but were closed by the time we came back, less than 20 minutes later. In a 5 mile drive we saw at least 5 police cruisers - far more than usual. I guess it's a good idea, since all those stores would be a temptation to some people.

The wind is getting stronger but we have had almost no rain yet.

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