Wednesday, September 17, 2008

tomorrow, the adventure continues

Tomorrow, (Thursday 9/18) I'm heading back into Houston to work. There are some things that just have to be done in person - like picking up invoices and moving them on to their proper destinations.

Our neighbor says that there still is no power at her house or probably at our house either. But the Randalls at Westheimer & Wilcrest and the HEB at Westheimer & Kirby are open and selling. And there is gas here and there but she recommended getting it before I come into the city. Someone from my office in the Greenway Plaza are said they had no trouble getting gas at the Citgo at Richmond & Kirby. I've heard the word "spotty" applied to electricity and fuel availability by so many people.

I plan to leave around 6am and hopefully pull into the office around noon.

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Desi said...

Good luck for everybody!

Thanks a lot for your message, I'm very grateful to have you on my blog :) I hope to know you better and better with time.

TTYL, ciao!!

Desi @ TheItalianVoice


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