Tuesday, September 23, 2008

doing the happy power dance...

When I finally got home last night, my neighbor's air conditioner was humming, and I had high hopes that my power would be on too. AND IT WAS! AND IS! It went off Friday 9/12 at about 11pm, and came back on Monday 9/22 at about 6pm. The house has different sounds now - the fridge making ice, the fan creaks, the little noises that I didn't notice before. The thing I really appreciate the most is being able to move the air. We have had very little breeze and the house was really getting stuffy.

I removed the few things we had left in the freezer side of the fridge, and threw away lots of "non-perishables" that had perished in the cold side. Ran the dishwasher too, which had been accumulating things for a while. Tonight I get to do laundry! :)

The trek home last night was memorable for its length. About 1 hour 45 minutes to go the 11 miles. The Westpark Tollway and the Sam Houston Tollway are still free, because the street lights are still not on in many areas. So I talked to my parents for a while on the cellphone and then listened to my lecture series History of the English Language, 2nd Edition
by Seth Lerer
. A really great way to beat the frustration of traffic!

The city is still recovering from Ike, and will be for a while. Many schools are not open, and of course the further south you go towards Galveston, the worse the damage gets. I feel very lucky to be able to have my fan and dishwasher and fridge.


Italy expat said...

great you got your power back. we take so much for granted in the first world. Hope to hear from you soon that things are back to normal take care Donna

Italy expat said...

glad you got yr power back we take so much for granted looking forward to hearing from you soon Donna

Cherrye Moore said...

YEA!! I hear you on it taking sooo long. My parents still don't have their phone line! Gah!


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