Tuesday, October 7, 2008

5 nights in Las Vegas

It sounds like fun, right? But I'm here working (honest), attending a trial. Today we picked the jury - a very interesting process. It was by turns boring, confrontational, funny, embarrassing, sad, and impressive. Trial starts tomorrow and of course I can't comment on the actual case but I'll try to share a little bit of the rest of the experience. Hopefully there will be a small side-trip to somewhere naturally beautiful - haven't decided where yet. Any suggestions?


Italy expat said...

Hi Amy how the photos coming. writing as usual. Book on Italy released.I see I escaped yr blog list you're on mine www.italyexpat.blogspot.com
Talk to you soon. D

Anonymous said...

I got married in Las Vegas.

AmyEmilia said...

D, the photos are going great! I got my first payout and am already almost half-way to the second one.

Texas, you are in good company! :) I think it would be a great place to get married. We almost did that as well, but ended up deciding a courthouse in Brenham was a bit more our speed. Plus we got to do the Blue Bell tour as our reception!

Italy expat said...

Put me on your bloglist Amy. you are on mine. I know you read me! X D


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