Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Traffic in Las Vegas

Having driven back and forth across town for two days now, I'm pleased to report that traffic in Las Vegas has been vastly improved. The freeway construction is more complete than it was, and there is a great cross-town alternative, Desert Inn road (known locally as DI) which makes a nice swoop over the freeway and under the strip to deliver me to the hotel. Wow, so easy.

Other traffic moments in Las Vegas include the time that it took me 1 1/2 hours to drive the Strip from from the North end to the South end... the person who stopped in the left lane of Sahara and then slowly, deliberately crossed all lanes, to make a right turn on (I think) Jones... watching someone who had forgotten their drink on the top of their car turn left and the drink spilling all over the car...

Overall it is an entertaining place to drive. The layout of the city is mostly a square grid, and it's hard to get lost when you have the Strip buildings as markers. I like visiting this city even when I can't take advantage of its famous sights.

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